EGGZ Discreet Earplugs - X6 Music Set
EGGZ Discreet Earplugs - X6 Music Set
EGGZ Discreet Earplugs - X6 Music Set
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EGGZ Discreet Earplugs - X6 Music Set

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Eggz Earplugs Music Set- For Concerts, Festivals, Clubs

Always loosing earplugs or want others to try out? EGGZ Music set is for you save 20% purchasing EGGZ Music set plus free PP

Noise reduction of 21db allowing you to enjoy The Beat without The - Buzz, 21db brings the volume down slightly allowing you to enjoy your surroundings without having to worry about damaging your ears

- Discreet Liquid Silicon Rubber Eggz earplug fits most adult ears, removal is easy with the small tug provided on the earplug

- For the ultimate party experience, Eggz are best used in surroundings of loud music. With Eggz you can still have conversations while still being able to enjoy the banging bass environment you are in

30 Day Money Back Guarantee - If you don't enjoy simply return and your money back
Additional Information 
Eggz universal fit earplug designed to be used by musicians, DJs, concert-goers and music enthusiasts to listen to loud music in perfect clarity. Using advanced membrane technologies the PR-0214 employs a reusable, universal size audio filter. While other hearing protection products can muffle and distort sound, the PR-0214 provides full frequency enjoyable audio at a safe listening level. This elegant design also offers an open air passage to the ear, minimising the occlusion effect*, whilst keeping the ear ventilated for optimum comfort.

*Occlusion effect occurs when using some earplugs: typically low frequencies of your own voice can be transmitted through bone conduction.

What's Included
  • One set of earplugs
  • Spare ear tips
  • Keyring carry case