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Gives you your own volume for life, unlike most earplugs on the market Eggz reduces noise levels in loud environments while still maintaining high sound integrity. This discreet earplug will fit most adult ear sizes while still maintaining a snug fit inside the ear. Traditionally the only earplugs on the market have been foam earplugs that blocked most of the sound or expensive custom fit plugs, now we provide a top quality silicone earplug that will allow you to enjoy the beats of live music without the buzz the next day

Any 2 stepping/head banging beat

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EGGZ Earplug - Patent technology

Protecting You From An Electronic Hangover Enjoy the Beat without the Buzz. Unlike foam or earmuff protection that block out all sound, this type of plug reduces noise levels while maintaining sound integrity. To adjust sound levels evenly so that sounds are crystal clear. EGGZ Revolutionary Ear Protection are best used in environments of Music, Travelling, Gyms and Motorcycling.

What people are saying about us

Brian - 5* I play in a pipe band and having tried various ear protectors and almost given up because they either lost too much sound or not enough I have finally found the ones that work for me. Thanks so much EGGZ!

What people are saying about us

Tyler - 5* Finally I found earplugs that fit! Extremely good for DJ gigs! Totally recommend them!

What people are saying about us

Lucy - 5* These are the best I've ever used. You lose no clarity or quality when wearing and super comfy. Definitely would recommend