Ed's Story - Founder of EGGZ

Let me tell you a little more about my story........

Around 5 years ago after attending a concert I woke up the following morning with tinnitus, at this point I had no idea that tinnitus was even a health problem. After many trips to the GP they made me aware that I had damaged my ears due to attending concerts and clubs over the years and being exposed to excessive loud music

Looking back developing tinnitus has taken me on wild journey ups and downs

After being told that I had developed tinnitus due to excessive loud noise the doctor made me aware I had to wear some type of hearing protection in these environments as excessive loud noise will damage my ears without being protected

3 months of trialling different types of earplugs I became extremely frustrated by the vast majority of products on the market claiming to help sleep, meditate, travel, music

What I couldn't understand is how can you have the same type of earplug for sleeping and for music?

Over the next 2 years I researched and started developing an earplug just for music. An earplug that lowers noise levels equally, enhances the music experience by removing harmful sounds and most importantly looks great to use.

Long Story Short......

Trial and error we have created a range of earplugs for different environments


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