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Take a look below at some of our verified reviews from EGGZ customers

Steve - Excellent Purchase

Having been a professional musician for forty years, my ears have taken a beating one way or another. I have used ear plugs on and off for the last ten years, but EGGZ are without doubt the most comfortable. They work really well at cutting the peaks while leaving the the main audio information intact, and allow you to hear whats going on around you on stage.
I can heartily recommend them.

Paul - Very Effective

I play in a band. I’ve used these for 3 practices. My ears would feel terrible after practice like my head was swollen. This doesn’t happen at all now. I don’t have the same ringing afterwards either. Very effective indeed. I can also hear myself singing better which is good

Brian - EGGZ Discreet Earplugs 5*

Very good product I have been looking/thinking about purchasing ear plugs like this for a while as I work in motorsport, so I am around loud cars a lot of the time, and I have become conscious of damaging my hearing especially since one of my parents has developed tinnitus. The ear plug does what it says. It can put them in and use them all day when talking to people Where there is no excessive noise you can hear them clearly, yes the sound is slightly diminished but only a little. But then when a car comes past it almost levels the noise level you hear there is no peak noise level as the car passes you, the bit that usually makes your ears ring. So all in all very good product

Tyler - Awesome Earplugs 5*

Finally found earplugs that fit! Extremely good for DJ gigs! These earplugs stop the ringing after a long night At a gig and would totally recommend them!

Jamie - Best Budget Earplugs I've Had

I've owned a number of fairly cheap earplugs and these are the first ones that I've really gotten along with. Most earplugs that I've owned cut out a lot of the high end and you're left hearing a lot of very muffled low end but I've worn these 2 weeks running whilst playing in my covers band and worn them to watch a gig and they've let me hear everything really well ... as well as that they're much more comfortable than other plugs I've owned so you kind of forget they're there after a while. Would definitely recommend

Mall - Great Earplugs

Bought these a few weeks ago and have used them in rehearsals and seem to work really well as they don't kill off all the frequencies