Don't sacrifice your hearing for loud noise! With Eggz avoid exposing yourself to noise-related hearing damage and Tinnitus, 
Eggs allows you to enjoy the beat while still being able to hear clear conversations and enjoy your surroundings regardless if your listening to heavy metal, RnB, Hip-Hop or Country music. 

Temporary Threshold Shift

Have you gone into a concert/club and enjoyed some incredible music only to leave and not able to hear the conversation next to you? This is Tempory Threshold shift taking place better known as temporary hearing loss. 
temporary threshold shift takes place when you become exposed to intense and/or loud sounds for a shorter or longer time Not only can you not hear, but you can’t hear exactly what you want to hear after being exposed to loud noises
As sound levels increase, the range of possible shift increases as well. Wearing Eggz reduces the possible shift so you can experience normality when you leave the concert or loud environment you are in


How Eggz Earplugs Allow You To Enjoy The Beat

The way Eggz earplugs have been designed means that they fit tight to your ear canal and filter sound, ensuring that only the highest quality sounds are reaching your ears while the harsh noises and feedback are left out with the crowd.
Eggz reduce noise by up to 21db allowing you to have the confidence that your protecting your ears from any unwanted roar