Hyperacusis - Noise Sensitivity

Hyperacusis is when everyday sounds seem much louder than they should. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by loud noise on trains, concerts, shopping centres  Or perhaps some specific sounds trigger irritation and anxiety but others don’t bother you. Sensitivity can range from mild discomfort to actual pain.

For some, it can cause social issues if they have trouble filtering out background noise and focusing on conversation. 

The everyday noises of life in a city, with small kids or in loud working environments can have a serious effect on those who are sensitive to noise. It can wear on their mental health and lead to grinding headaches or migraines. For many people, noise sensitivity can cause a fight or flight response, causing panic attacks or meltdowns. Knowing this, they may tend not to go out and do things for fear of becoming overwhelmed. This can have a big impact on their lives as it can prevent them from doing a lot of stuff that other people would consider normal.

How Can EGGZ Help you?

We recommend EGGZ discreet if you are looking for an earplug to reduce everyday noises. EGGZ discreet will reduce sound levels just enough so that you can enjoy life at little less noisy while still having conversation. Instead of most earplugs on the market blocking out noise completely or offering muffled sound EGGZ discreet use acoustic technology to offer customers the experience of to reduce everyday sounds while still being able to hear and get involved in conversations.

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